Interactions with Lions

Interactions with Serval

Interactions with baby zebra

Baby Hedgehog

Boa Constrictor

The wildlife education program is an interactive and educational tour. By teaching people about animals, such as lions and servals, about their natural behaviour we are able to create a greater awareness of the importance of conservation. Very few people are aware of the dire situation the large predator (lion) and small predator (serval) population in Africa is facing and few realise that these animals may become extinct in the near future. We take out small groups of people so that everyone can interact with the young (up to one year old) lions and servals without stressing them in any way.

The tour is really laid back. Guests spend time in the garden feeding the baby lions, servals and any other rehab animals we might have at the time. Our guides are very knowledgeable and are always keen to share generally unknown and interesting facts about lions and servals.


The once-in-a-life-time walk on the wild side is a highlight of the tour. The lions love to stop for a cuddle or splash in the water. There are no leashes or restraints - the animals are free to play naturally and they love to show off, so don't forget your camera! 

Baby Wildebees

At times there may be other wild animals on the tour for interaction as well, like snakes or meercats. Over a period of many years we have had a variety of animals as part of the family, but we cannot guarantee that at the time of your visit there will be a specific animal here for interaction. One thing is for sure, is that there will most likely be lions, servals and Meercats.

  • Touch, Feel , Learn
  • Spectacular Photographic opportunities
  • Exclusivity – there is a maximum 15 guests per tour
  • Morning and afternoon tours

Price includes a FREE pickup from the Hatfield Gautrain station for a minimum of 3 guests. 

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