Union Buildings - Pretoria

Tour Operator

Ndebele Royal Family

Our in-house tour operator Roger and his Wife Elbie have been engaged in tourism and hospitality for close on 30 years.

Having owned a successful guest house in Pretoria for many years they established an excellent working relationship with the United Nations Head Office in Pretoria.

They accommodated International and local staff members from UN Missions in Angola, Sierra Leone as well as DRC Congo and were responsible to assist their members with planning recreation and tours during their compulsory time off and necessity to leave the Mission area.

Additionally they arranged and assisted with medical appointments and were contracted to carry out emergency medical evacuations.

For many years they have provided transfers and tours to several Embassies in Pretoria including The Netherlands, France, U.S.A, United Kingdom and Spain.

Together they have a wealth of experience and their amazing knowledge of South Africa is only surpassed by their genuine passion for meeting people and planning activities for visitors to South Africa. Over the years they have met and travelled with several high profile people leaving indelible memories.

Allow Roger & Elbie to help you pre plan your South African tour.

“off the beaten track….”