Horses Safari - Crossing Water

At this point in time Horseback Africa is offering an entrepreneurial opportunity for a dynamic couple who love the African bush.  

Horses in Nature

This couple MUST have the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur:

  • They invest in themselves.
  • They “go the extra mile” and are 100% committed.
  • They must be pioneers and reach for the sky!
  • They are risk-takers.
  • They make big decisions together with owners of the lodge very carefully.
  • They take what they do very seriously.
  • They are excellent communicators and enjoy networking.

  • They have the required expertise, failing which they make sure that they obtain the proper skills. 
  • They harness technology.
  • They are constantly learning. 

Horses Safari with Giraffe 

  • They have a positive spirit, are very creative and are adaptable.
  • They have strength of purpose and persistence.
  • They are resilient.



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